Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Writing Prompt - "I wish I had one more chance to ..."

After having a wonderful experience of responding to writing prompt no. 4 being hosted by Preeti Shenoy, I could not stop myself from taking it up once again this week. It is a great experience to see how different people think differently about such commonly used phrases.

The prompt this week is "I wish I had one more chance to ...". And here we go ...

I wish I had one more chance to live the moments when I met her for the first time.

Like it happens with many of us, I have also gone through the process of Googling to find my life partner. This too was one of those meetings when both of us decided to meet and to know each other better, where else but at Cafe Coffee Day.

[As a side thought, I wonder why does CCD not get into a joint venture or launch a co-branded credit card with the matrimonial portals. I am sure there are many would-be (and could-have-been) couples who visit CCD for this purpose multiple times, with the same or a different companion, and will feel obliged (pun intended) if they save some money (and earn some loyalty points / cash back) in case their repeated attempts fail. After all, there is something positive in everything.]

Anyways, a lot happened over coffee that day that I wish I experience once again! I wish I had one more chance ...

... to once again experience the almost doubled heart-beat in anticipation - in anticipation of meeting her for the first time and finding out how does she talk, how does she smile, how does she look in flesh and blood (as against those photo shopped pictures shared as a part of the customized proposal package), and of course wondering if she is the one?

... to once again see that bewildered cum astonished expression on her face - when she saw me waiting for her ... wasn't it too early for her to know the importance I give to punctuality?

... to once again experience the feeling of discomfort - when every time she looked at me from top to bottom - was she checking whether all my limbs are in the right place, in the right shape and of right size?

... to once again look at the gentle movement of her knee-long hair - while walking towards the cafe, from left to right, left to right ... or was I probably thinking that this will supplement my lack of hair on the head?

... to once again hear that soft and gentle "sorry" - when her hands accidentally touched mine while opening the door of the cafe - wonder if it was actually an accident?

... to once again get lost in her expressive eyes - do I want to bet that the beautiful eyes were expressing love at first sight?

... to once again get mesmerized by her intoxicating smile ... when we looked at each other continuously for more than 3 seconds for the first time - what an experience? I had never done that before. 

... to once again get the feeling in my heart when she said a "NO" for eating anything - did I do anything wrong? 

... to once again let the heart sink on knowing she doesn't like tea - and, there go my romantic dreams of having a cup of steaming tea, sitting in the balcony, enjoying the cool breeze (ok, not so romantic for all you beer guzzlers)

... to once again feel uncomfortable when she slightly giggled while I was placing the order - well, this was bound to happen when you stammer in front of her 

... to once again be a witness to her sudden blushing while looking right next to my eyes - did she find my ears funny? too big? too small?

I wish I had one more chance to live all these moments ... to once again meet her for the first time!!

P.S. Keeping in mind the result from last week (hurray!!!! and thanks to Preeti once again), I would like to take myself out of the contest this time. This post is just to experience being a part of the exercise once again.


  1. Excellent narration. I can sense the moment you experience through your writing.
    I must say, Your Girl is lucky :)

    1. Thanks Deepika! For this to feel better, the "girl" in question should feel she is lucky :)

  2. I second Deepika's comment.. the girl is lucky :)
    Loved the way you narrated every detail :)

    1. Thanks Srishti! As I said earlier, for this to feel better, the "girl" in question should feel she is lucky :)

  3. There certainly won't be many men who remember such details. There can be quite a few who would make up the details though! Either way, liked the writing style.

    - probably another of those questioning pragmatists :)

    1. Oh yes Komal, you are correct. This is not the first time I am reading a QP's view on this. But, believe it or not, most of that was indeed the truth, a lot of it an immediate after thought once you relive those moments. But the infallible realists have taught me a lot of lessons on conducting reality checks, an example of which you can see in my latest post.

  4. excellent narration..........hope the girl feels it too