Saturday, February 27, 2016

Gems from Junior - Ready for a promotion!

With the family all set to welcome the "New Junior" in a few month's time, "Old Junior" has already upstaged C and me in the waiting game. Who doesn't love a promotion, eh!

Looking forward to the future partner in crime and impatiently biding his time for the arrival of the would-be pupil is not a child's play (pun intended) for Senior. More eager than ever to move the pram around the play area, boasting about his sibling, or for that matter helping Mommy dear taking care of the baby, our "experienced statesman" has already started making mental notes of dos and don'ts that he will provide as valuable guidance for Junior's survival in the mad house. Answers to most of the typical questions are obviously elder-brotherly. He would have already identified "stuff" that Junior is going to inherit from Senior. While one of the most exhilarating experiences is the anticipating smile on his face while seeing the ultrasound screen, his excitement on seeing the baby's movements on C's tummy is just infectious.

The waiting game some times becomes too much to bear for our just-cross-the-baby-threshold "Old Junior". A recent conversation with C ...

Junior: (Jumping up and down, unsuccessfully attempting to hide his emotions) Mommy, when will the baby come out?

C: Still some time to go Junior. Let your summer vacation begin.

Junior: But I want to play with the baby. I want to see how does the baby look like.

C: (Acknowledging that this is just a sample of the many difficult conversations we are going to have with "Old Junior") Hmm!

Junior: (Not giving up his hope) Mommy, where is your phone?

C: (Here comes the hormone ringing at the wrong time) Here you go. And you are not going to play that stupid car racing game again.

Junior: No. I am not playing any game. (Taking the phone in his hand, and touching the Google icon) Here, type "C's baby" (handing it to C).

C: (Confused) But ...

Junior: (Showing a little irritation) Uff. Just type. We will search how does the baby look like.

C: (With a mix of suppressed confusion and sense of revelation, accompanied by an amused expression) But, Google only knows one baby of C, and that is you.

Junior: (Still not giving up) Psst. Then type "C's small baby" (almost uttering - and these guyz are going to have a baby?).

C: (Blank)

Me: (A silent observer all this while ... could just afford a smile!!)

Mr. Pichai ... are you listening?