Sunday, December 30, 2018

No attitude tops gratitude

The year that was new not that long back is going to be old soon. Too very fast this one was ... clich├ęd, but yes, it just flew. A lot happened through the year though ... memories (so many of them), family time (or lack of it), holidays (too few of those), business travel (too much of it), career progression (never ending chase), house warming (too hot to handle), house shifting (phew), school change (bigger phew), long drives (can do better), new friendships (and new lessons), prioritization (a lot of it), re-prioritization (a bigger lot of it) - the year had it all. At the end of it all, what mattered is a set of realizations ...

... that ultimately what matters is your family, friends and dear ones ... those who really care for you ... the experiences that you would cherish ... those little (and large) adjustments you make

... that there is no end to any of this ... there will always be more money to be earned, more promotions to yearn for, more material pleasures, more of everything - you can never have enough

... and finally, that no attitude tops gratitude ... be thankful for everything that you have, and perhaps for so many things that you don't have ... you know not what those missing possessions entail