Friday, January 4, 2013

Writing Prompt - "I wish everyone loved ..."

I was browsing through one of my favorite "feel good" blogs hosted by Preeti Shenoy, and read one of the recent posts on writing prompts. Found the concept interesting ... and immediately set out with the latest prompt, as a small challenge to myself. The prompt for this week is - "I wish everyone loved ...". And here we go ...

I wish everyone loved …
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... being dutiful towards the society: Although a cliché, but the one quote that perfectly catches the essence is “Man by nature is a social animal”. In an increasingly self-centered world, where an individual’s duty towards the society unfortunately comes after almost every other priority, it is the need of the hour to reemphasize the importance of mutual existence and compassion for fellow individuals. It is every one's responsibility to think about collective good above personal good, to think about duties and responsibilities before rights.

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... being loyal towards the friends: Pardon another cliché, but still the best quote I have loved on friendship is “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. A loyal friend will always be around you, when the entire world has left your company. One of the best relieving moment in one’s life is when you find a friend on your side, when there is nobody ahead or behind you.

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... being affectionate towards the kids: Because this is one emotion the kids always look up to the parent for. Hugs, cuddles, kisses, tenderness, warmth – these strengthen the bond between you and the kids, and develops the relationship. If we daily check whether they have brushed their teeth or not, whether they have finished their lessons or not, whether they have said their prayers or not, it is equally important to check whether they have received their share of affection or not.


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 ... being thankful towards the parents: Because they are the ones who brought you to this world. No matter what you achieve in your life, how rich and successful you are, how modern you are, and increasingly important today, whether you are married or not … you are what you are because of them, and your responsibility towards them never diminishes. You can not repay the debt you owe to them. The least you can do is being thankful towards them and be around them during their twilight years.

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... being committed towards the partner: Because the relationship can not blossom without a commitment. Being one of the most beautiful relationships made by God, and supposed to be the one that belongs to just the two of you, it needs to be preserved. Commitment towards each other’s dreams and ambitions, commitment towards each other’s emotions, commitment towards equality of opinions … it spans across multiple aspects.

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... being honest towards self: Because the opposite is not an option ... otherwise, you can not be dutiful towards the society, you can not be loyal towards the friends, you can not be affectionate towards the kids, you can not be thankful towards the parents and you can not be committed towards the partner. You can not be YOU.


  1. What a brilliant post. And Yes - Congrats for winning it :) :)

  2. Very well written... I truly wish that all your wishes come TRUE.The world will indeed become a better place to live in:)

  3. Thanks everyone for taking time to appreciate!

  4. Everything seems so perfect in this post, but no one is perfect in this world.
    Wonderful post, you deserve it..

  5. Just too perfect to believe it will happen in this world. Especially when it comes to the spouse and the parents. With today's definition of independence of thoughts and actions, there in an increasing pressure, especially on the guyz, to chuck their responsibilities towards the parents. And the parents of the girls give two hoots to what their daughters are subjecting her in-laws to. My two cents. Your views?