Friday, December 27, 2013

Wish list gifts for Junior's future

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When it comes to gifts for Junior, the list starts with the usual suspects - from a gaming console to a remote operated two-feet long red Ferrari, from the long-pending European tour to the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Games collection, from the obvious sounding investments on health and education to the mundane looking clothes and shoes. But since this is the season of wish lists, and perhaps for hard-to-fulfill resolutions, I let my imagination take the driving seat.

My wish list consists of the gifts ...

Of wisdom to make the right choices and confidence to own them up

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With each passing day, we see the list of choices in front of us increasing manifold. Be it for something as simple as "Which political party to vote for?", to something much more complex like "Which movie to watch, and in which theater?", the choices are endless, confusing and usually contradictory. Some times the choices turn out well, some times they flounder. We are the first ones to claim credit in case of the former, but do not hesitate in justifying and taking a step back in case of the later. Be that as it may, we must learn how to own them up and be accountable for the outcomes.

For those of you who are curious about the complex choice, here's the reason - yesterday, when we were at it, we took slightly less than the time taken by AAP to arrive at their decision to form a Government in Delhi, and still ended up watching Western Bank of Chicago go down, the misery compounded by the price of tickets having taken the Gold category reclining chairs, faulty air-conditioning and the more-than-required height of the chair in front ... you know how it feels, right?

    Of independence of thought and freedom of expression

    Everyone around talks about independence of thought and freedom of expression. Many more make a mention of rights and how fundamental they are to our existence today. The empowered lot comes with the all important issue-based external support. Indeed, these are certain aspects of life that will come naturally to the enlightened generation Junior belongs to. But with this, like the all pervasive "Buy One, Get One Free" offers this shopping season, I would add a few freebies.

    • With independence of thought comes the accompaniments of responsible actions
    • With freedom of expression comes the sense of accountability and reasonableness
    • With rights comes the obvious obligation of duties
    • With empowerment comes the acknowledgement of existence of the not-so-empowered-ones

    And to accompany this heavy duty list, Junior gets to download the latest version of Angry Birds for FREE! Hmm, that makes it a better deal, isn't it? Much like the Indian batsmen in South Africa getting a full toss in a Dale Steyn over!!

    Of developing a constructive hobby

    Courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young
    Many of us collected stamps and coins when we were kids. Then we moved on to comics when we grew a bit older. Cricket came the next, followed by creating multiple New Folder's when computers came in. Replace these with cars, music, travel, painting to the more exotic ones like photography, robotics, artificial intelligence, trekking and so on. We essentially found some default activities to keep ourselves busy and engaged. Then there are a few like yours truly who developed a hobby because it was essential for clearing the MBA entrance interviews.

    I believe Uncle Google is more capable of explaining the importance of having a hobby. However, this gift finds a place in my list because this is where Junior will see a rare similarity in suggestions and advice from Daddy Dear and Mommy Dearest.

    Going by what Ernest Hemingway says about books - "There is no friend as loyal as a book." - I believe reading is one good choice that Junior must make when it comes to hobbies.

    Of loving life as it comes

    When life in general has become too competitive, full of daily struggles, it is becoming increasingly important for all of us to love it as it comes. There are just too many variables in our lives to worry about. The short life we have should be lived to its fullest (I know this is easier said than done).  

    Here's quoting Polish pianist Arthur Rubinstein -
    “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. Of course there is no formula for success, except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life, and what it brings.”
    Of being a good human being

    We live in a world where basic values like compassion and kindness are often derided upon, and hence are on the back burner. We tend to forget that these two are easy steps towards personal happiness and success ... the be all and end all of individual existence today. I would also borrow from my too-good-to-be-true perfect-world wish list and add the following:

    • Being dutiful towards society
    • Being loyal towards friends
    • Being affectionate towards fellow human beings
    • Being thankful towards parents

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      1. Of all, developing a constructive hobby is the best. You give friend for a lifetime to your child that ways. Love the dash of humor in between. Good luck, dear.

        1. Yes, I personally like the word "constructive" there. Thanks for visiting, Saru!

      2. Enjoyed reading about your 5 gifts. You have explained each one well and it does make a lot of sense. Good luck!

      3. very sensible gifts...Once i read a book..The ultimate gift by Jim stovall..loved it so much that i gifted it to my children.

        1. That's great! Will definitely have a look at this book :)

      4. Confidence of owning up to your decisions and loving your life the way it is - these are the most beautiful messages you are giving your child...
        good luck and wish you a great year ahead too :)