Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gems from Junior - Bonding with Daddy Dear

Junior continues his tryst with innocence. This time the target was Daddy Dear. During one of those Daddy-Junior bonding sessions, when Junior took a break from watching Doraemon and Chhota Bheem showing their prowess, and was, for a change, not interested in scoring more high scores on his tablet, he unknowingly pulled a fast one on Daddy Dear.

Junior: (After a long observation of Daddy Dear's receding hairline) "Daddy, why do you have so less hair on your head?" (Moving his little fingers in his 'overdue-for-a-barber-visit' jungle) "See, I have so much hair that my fingers get lost in them."

Image courtesy of jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Daddy: "When I was a small kid like you, even I had a lot of hair on my head Junior. But ..."

Junior: "But what Daddy?"

Daddy: (Moving his hand on the head, and thinking of taking advantage of Mommy's absence from the scene) "Junior, this happened because Mommy gives me a lot of trouble. I have started losing my hair now.

Junior: (Scratching his head) "But why does Grandma give you trouble? Doesn't she love you?"

(It was Daddy Dear's time to scratch his head. It didn't cross Junior's mind that it was his (Junior's) Mommy who was Daddy Dear's target.)

Similar session with Junior a few days back left me speechless. It was another day without Mommy around!

Daddy: "Junior, it is 5:00 PM. Come on, milk time."

Junior: "No Daddy! I don't want to have milk."

Daddy: "But how will you grow big and strong if you don't drink milk?" (And this was followed by the usual arguments and counter arguments on milk)

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Junior: (Finally relenting to Daddy's persistence, but with some mischief in his mind) "OK, I will take a glass of milk. But you will have to put one extra spoon of Bournvita.

Daddy: (Closely observing Junior's expressions, figuring out that there was more to come) "And?"

Junior: "And, you too have a cup of coffee."

Daddy: "But I don't like having coffee alone. I always have it with Mommy."

Junior: "You are not alone Daddy. I am here. Won't you give me company?"

Daddy: (Speechless)


  1. I read it early morning and first thought that flashed my mind was - Junior is smarter than senior.

    Enjoyed reading it.