Sunday, June 16, 2013

Of humility and humiliation

Just read about someone who has decided to move on in life. So, what's new in that? So many people decide to do that every day. What was interesting were the reasons that person chose and the kind of adjectives that were used. Again, nothing new in that. But that piece of megalomaniacal gibberish coming from the loudmouth made me think, and think, and think.

For such people, it has become so easy to just move on in life, in the process distancing oneself from the ownership of the results of one's actions. A genuine concern shown by a genuine well-wisher feels unreal. In fact, the concern feels real till the time it doesn't pose some uncomfortable questions. Beyond that, it is all downhill. This is not because the concern is fake; it is because the nincompoop doesn't deserve to be shown such a concern. His inflated ego stops him from distinguishing between real and fake. Such a person can not think beyond self and takes on the mistaken identity of being unassuming and modest. This, when he has not achieved anything remarkable in his own life. Whatever he has, is either much more than what is deserved or much before when it is due. And of course, in a few cases, achieved through not-so-appropriate means. The humble background is conveniently forgotten and the person shamelessly basks in the self-proclaimed glory brought by materialistic possessions, bereft of the realization that this self-aggrandizement is nothing but a mask put on his pusillanimity.

Incorrigible narcissists like these are so infatuated with themselves and their own well-being that they just forget looking at an issue from the other person's point of view. They are so self-centered that irrespective of what the people around them feel, they just move on in life, without understanding that the sense of happiness and contentment they display is so fake. It is unsustainable and weak because its foundation is built on a debris of the trampled feelings of others. The indifference shown for the well being of others is termed as modern way of thinking and is repeatedly justified by calling it "independence of thoughts". They have this false sense of superiority which they carry around with an equally unrealistic attitude. It becomes all the more laughable when this is based on half-baked, half-cooked experiences. No wonder it is said that incomplete knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. The kind of analogies they bring in their conversations are devoid of logic and reasoning, and are merely avoidable intrusions that reflect nothing but stupidity and inexperience.

Rather than being thankful to Him by being responsive and responsible to the people around, the only feeling such incorrigible narcissists and intruding nincompoops have about the folks around is pity, when the same feeling is better suitable to be had for them, not by them. Humility shown in front of such people will always result in only one thing - humiliation.


  1. Do you experienced this type of people in your life I have experienced .but it is true .fact in the life

  2. great its real.....

  3. your writing is good....why such huge gap between blogs....

  4. we should kick away people like this from our life ....

  5. There are many such persons. They serve one useful purpose: their behaviour makes others look like angels!

    Well-written, passionate post! I think the impact would have been much better if you'd described a couple of this person's actions that provoked your passion.