Sunday, May 7, 2017

History, mystery and chemistry

An interesting chemistry, is made by history and mystery
Happy are those, who constructively "react" to this chemistry

Success and prosperity are the by products of this reaction
Acceptance of this helps unravel the marvels, and gets you satisfaction

Many mysteries of present day actions, can be fathomed instantly
If the catalysts of past life's chemistry are studied oh-so intently

Mommy dear always tells, that when in conflict, look at the other's perspective
Tunnel vision doesn't help, trick is to be inclusive and interactive

Two perspectives may be completely opposite, each valid in different ways
Depends on the context and the history, and the game life plays

It is the experiences in one's life, that define one's behavior
Patience shown towards one's own is always a relationship savior

Equal contribution is not necessary to make relations successful
Don't 2 H's react with just 1 O to make H2O, that is so useful?

It may not be because the single O needs more to get satisfied
Just that the H's have the intent to give more to get tied

So is the case with certain relationships, someone gives more, and someone less
For the betterment of everyone around, why not do more to impress?

If investment in a certain relationship, is the only expectation of someone you love
Being steady and compromising in it, is an elixir and a direction to the treasure trove

If the true intent is for a relationship to work,
Come rain, water or sunshine, pick carefully when to smirk

Relationships inert to this phenomenon, would fail to sizzle
Newton's third law of motion is not, in every situation, ideal

While practicality makes perfect catalyst in general equations
Emotions do play a bigger role, in certain critical relations

If you can't acknowledge someone's trials and tribulations
You will have a limited capability to evaluate his life's realizations

For, you laugh at someone's history, and ridicule the resultant chemistry
Reaction becoming explosive, would no longer remain a mystery

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