Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gems from Junior - Tablet, et al

Junior ... one thing that keeps on changing almost everyday. At the same time, one thing that keeps on constantly giving us reasons to smile every now and then. His one liners are more precious than the hidden treasure at the end of the rainbow. The innocent smile ... even more innocent language usage ... and the most innocent interpretations. One bomb from him in the morning is enough to make your day ... another bomb in the evening will make you forget the much needed salary hike you are not going to get because of the economy.

A few days back, on observing his Mommy sitting on the sofa, with red watery eyes, Junior approached her with a worried expression on his face.

Junior: "Mommy, what happened to you? Why are you crying? Are you missing Daddy?"

Mommy: "I am not crying Junior. I am not feeling well. I am having a headache."

Junior: (With his hands already moving through Mommy's hair) "You want me to give you a good massage on your head?" And then came up with all the options he had in his small but sharp memory to take care of the head ache. Finally, Mommy had to give him an option ...

Mommy: "Thanks Junior! Can you please get me the tablet that I have kept on the table? It is blue in color."

Junior: (Getting lost in the books kept on the table) "Just a minute Mommy! I can not find it. There are so many books on the table. I remember keeping the tablet here yesterday evening."

And then he comes with something much bigger than what Mommy expected in his hands, and said ...

Junior: "Mommy, here you go.", handing over the tablet to her. "But you said it is blue in color. You forgot that our tablet is black in color. Ha ha ha!" And with that innocent triumphant smile, he switched the tablet on, and said - "Tell me which game would you like to play?" Mommy dear would have instantly forgotten about her head ache!


  1. same experience.........good one ......

  2. Modern life is like that..tablet, mouse windows everything has different meaning:)

  3. This is definitely a bomb!! :)
    Please share some more bombs!! :)